Not pursuing, but creating happiness

Happiness. The ephemeral happiness. The kind of happiness that brings a

 true, bright and real smile. A glow on your face. The twinkle in your eyes.

 The one of a kind where you feel very good and warm inside, that makes

 you sigh, for being this happy. Maybe for only a short period of time, but

still, after a very long time. We search for happiness all our lives, thinking

that it is maybe found in a certain person, a specific object or maybe an

amazingly beautiful place…but no. It is all about moments. That moment

when you bought a new dress, or the time when you got the highest marks

in a test. The feeling you got while just talking to someone special, or having

a good heartily laugh with your friends.

It is accepting yourself, in whichever state you are in. Appreciating what you

have.  Happiness is a mood, it’s a condition, not a destination. It is found

everywhere, and an arrive at your door any time. It comes and goes, it’s not


It is a choice, not a result.

Nothing will make you happy until you choose to be happy.

We do not pursue happiness, but create and spread it around us.


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