Emotions, vulnerability, truth.

If we just embrace all of the real life problems that we have, the world might be a much easier place to live in, a much of a comfortable society to fit in, and maybe, a better life to live and love. We all want to be understood, to make the real connection with people, to matter to someone. Hiding has never been easy. For me, you or for every person out there in the world. Only if people would show their vulnerability and the good in their heart. Pretending to not feel anything or putting that strength in front of you shows the kind of person you want to be, not the kind of person that you truly are. What truly matters is how you cherish the real you and put it out there amongst everyone else. It is not weak to embrace the pain that you feel. One day, you will realize that you are not just a survivor, you are a warrior. If we can only talk about the things that we actually care about, empathizing would be easier. Comfort can come naturally. Knowing another person wouldn’t require much of a hard work. It’s not always about choosing the right thing or thinking the right thoughts. Maybe sometimes, the heart makes the most wisest decisions, and the mind just guides you through.