One Of Them…

Look closely, everything around you

All those faces, weary and fatigued

The perpetual notion is in my head

How long can I be deceived?


The scars lie beneath their appearance

Among the smiles remain the sadness

Is there compassion, for the small, tired being?

Not with a mind filled with madness


But there hovers the affection

That we want to give, to those

Who are fighting a battle with themselves

That we know nothing about


Their eyes have captured the pain

Yet, they seem to hide it

& we stand there feeling helpless

Cause in real….we’re just one of them.


Lost In thought

I’m lying here, in my bed

Too sleepy and tired

While my mind drifts off to those deep thoughts

I can hear the rain falling down

Like bullets from the sky

While my heart is singing melodies

Of which I am no longer able to lie.